About Digital Assocham

ASSOCHAM is seen as a forceful, proactive, forward looking institution equipping itself to meet the aspirations of corporate India in the new world of business. ASSOCHAM is working towards creating a conducive environment of India business to compete globally.

DigitalASSOCHAM intends to take the First Mover Advantage in to the 'Digital India’ vision space and is all set to redefine the dynamics of growth and development in the technology driven cyber age of ‘Knowledge Based Economy'.

Internet TV has the ability to adapt to various platforms like Televisions, Smart phones, Tablets and Computers, as well as flexibility over different internet speeds. This coupled with social media, is intended to meet the increasing need of targeted info graphics, videos and feature stories of Business communities in India and beyond.

This Captive Digital service focused Media entity follows the following structure
  • Digital origination of quality Audio, Video, Multimedia & still pictures with linked Info-graphics.
  • Appropriate Branding and visibility across multiple digital Media platform.
  • Enhanced Networking, Nationally & Internationally, Relevant views.
  • Higher recall level, Call-to-Action plan, Revenue focus & fulfilment of the Advertising-metrics.